Elf Bar Pod King Mixed Berries Mint E Cigarette Disposable Vape Device

Pod King is a popular vape manufacturer that offers a wide variety of devices and liquids. The elf bar is a great starter device with an adjustable airflow system that ensures consistent and flavorful clouds.

This is a fruity combination of oranges and bubbles that has a sweet yet tangy taste on the inhale and smooth exhale. It also has a bubblegum-like aftertaste that lingers on the tongue.

Frozen Apple Strawberry

The Elf Bar Pod King Mixed Berries is a convenient disposable device that features mouth-watering flavors and a long battery life. This pod-based device is ideal for beginners looking to quit smoking or experienced vapers who want a portable and convenient option.

This elf bar flavor is a symphony of sweet tropical fruit with a candy sweet finish. This fruity blend is a welcome change from traditional bakery dessert flavors.

This pod combines the sweetness of strawberries and tart red apple. This refreshing fruity blend will satisfy all-day cravings.

Peach Mango Ice

The Pod King Elf Bar is the ideal device for anyone who wants to try vaping without committing to a larger, more expensive and complicated device. This cigalike disposable is easy to use and comes with pre-filled e-liquids, making it perfect for new vapers or those who want a convenient on-the-go option.

Frozen Apple Strawberry – Icy strawberries and Fuji apples combine for an exceptionally fruity and refreshing vape experience. This top-rated flavor from Pod King is a sure-fire way to impress your taste buds and indulge your senses.

Mango Ice – Straight off the tree, this mango flavour delivers the best of tropical goodness. This fruity flavour is blended perfectly with just the right amount of menthol to provide a cooling vape that will refresh your soul.

Orange Bubbles – Indulge your taste buds in this fresh citrus blend of orange and peach. This unique mix of a customary morning brew is perfect for those who love to start their day with a zing.

Lost Mary

A fresh and fruity take on classic soda flavours, Lost Mary is an absolute must-try for any fruit lover. The succulent taste of juicy blackcurrant dances on your tongue as you inhale, before a punchy aniseed exhale awakens your senses and leaves you with a satisfyingly refreshing experience.

For a light and cooling vaping experience, look no further than the refreshing and flavourful Lost Mary BM600S. This disposable vape boasts a sleek and compact design, making it perfect for vaping on the go. Featuring a rechargeable battery that can provide an estimated 5000 puffs, the BM600S is also easy to refill and has no coil replacement requirements.

Whether you’re looking for an icy menthol taste with a touch of sweetness or the perfect combination of fruits, you’ll find it in Lost Mary from Elf Bar. This range of mouth-watering flavours is a must-try for any vaper. Order yours today from Vapor Shop Direct. We ship our products across the UK and have a fantastic customer service team available to help with any enquiries that you may have.

Orange Bubbles

Orange Bubbles is a deliciously fruity combination of oranges and bubblegum that you won’t be able to get enough of. The inhale offers a tangy citrus taste that will delight your palate, while the exhale delivers a sweet and chewy aftertaste that will leave you wanting more.

This is a perfect flavor for those looking for a fruity vape that won’t be too heavy on their throat. This flavor also pairs well with a variety of dessert flavors, making it a versatile option that can be enjoyed at any time of the day. The Pod King Elf Bar is a convenient and easy-to-use disposable device that provides an exceptional vaping experience. This cigalike pod features a rechargeable 650 mAh battery, a mesh coil and a 13.5 ml reservoir. Its adjustable airflow system allows you to customize your draw and enjoy a powerful cloud of smooth vapor. This device comes prefilled with a e-liquid of your choice and is available in multiple nicotine strengths.