Dream Life Miami, a yacht charter service in Miami, offers a wide range of yachts to accommodate private events. They can also provide catering and licensed captains and assistants. In addition, they offer cruises along the South Florida rivers and streams.

Ocean View condo in Miami Beach

The Dream Life Miami Ocean View condo in Miami Beach offers a great location. You’re just minutes away from shops, restaurants, and the beach. Also, it’s located on the quiet side of the city, making it a peaceful place to live.

This apartment has been completely renovated. It features a full kitchen, a dining area, a sofa bed, and a bathroom. Moreover, you can enjoy stunning ocean views from the balcony.

With its own private elevator foyer, this condo is a great choice for anyone who wants a luxurious home. You’ll also have access to great amenities, including a fitness center and a parking garage.

The Art Deco Cabana is a two bedroom condo with unique artwork throughout. Aside from its spacious living room, the condo also has two queen beds. It’s an ideal rental property, with no rental restrictions.

You’ll also have access to a private gym, spa, sauna, racquet/tennis court, and direct beach access. Plus, it’s located near the Coral Reef Yacht Club, which offers a vibrant boating culture.

Cruises through the South Florida rivers and streams

One of the many things to do in Miami is to take a boat tour. A Miami cruise will let you see some of the best parts of South Florida while also giving you plenty of opportunities for sunbathing. This is a great way to get around the city on a budget. If you aren’t sure which of the many boat tours to choose, here are a few to consider.

The Everglades, one of the most popular Florida destinations, is a natural wonder. You can visit the Everglades by airboat or you can go by land. There are lots of ways to experience the park, from camping to kayaking to driving in.

The Everglades are a huge national park with over 1.5 million acres. The park is home to plenty of interesting facts and activities, including the world’s largest crocodiles. While you’re here, you should make a visit to the famous Everglades mansion.

Among the other things to do in Miami is to check out the Oleta state park, the largest urban park in South Florida. The park is perfect for family fun. You can even do some paddleboarding, as well as enjoy the view from the deck. The park has a large splash pad, making it an excellent place to cool off after a long day.

Family empowerment award for parents and caregivers with disabilities

The Family Empowerment Scholarship Program will offer additional education options for students with disabilities. Students will have the option to attend a public school, receive a personal education savings account, or go to private or online schools. In addition, Parent leaders will play a key role in school leadership teams.

The program has already attracted highly educated participants. Many of these are mothers. They have seen the light and implemented new practices and strategies to improve their own well-being as well as the wellbeing of their children. During the program, participants made eco-maps of their own lives. Their resulting list of impressive achievements was a testament to the value of this program. Hopefully, the effects will be felt after a few weeks of implementation.

Other perks of the program include access to PA/PTA channels in eligible schools. In addition, parent leaders will be the key partners in school leadership teams. The Office of Family and Community Empowerment is also supporting trauma-responsive educational practices.

‘Dream Big’ temporary work of art in the Perez Art Museum Miami

The Perez Art Museum in Miami Beach features “Dream Big” as a temporary work of art. It is the result of a collaboration with Scottish artist Chris Labrooy.

The white Porsche 911 Carrera 4S sculpture challenges beholders to dream big and play big. This larger-than-life figure, with a racing helmet, embodies the playful tone of the installation.

The sculpture is part of Porsche’s larger initiative, which spotlights temporary artworks in top cultural institutions. Those museums and their guests will have a chance to interact with the installation and see how a project in the virtual world can be illuminated through an immersive experience.

The Perez Art Museum is one of the Miami area’s cultural hubs. Aside from the permanent collection, it hosts a variety of world-class temporary exhibitions. Guests can explore the museum’s diverse galleries, including Latin American, U.S. Latino, and African diaspora art.

While visiting the museum, visitors can enjoy the “Dream Big” sculpture or participate in an interactive event that encourages people to dream big. Visitors can also watch performances by the Miami City Ballet and the Miami Symphony Orchestra.