Automotive Locksmith DC Provides a Variety of Services

Whether you’ve been locked out of your home, need the locks at your business changed, or want to upgrade your car key security, a locksmith can help. They can use specialized tools and techniques to gain access and perform other tasks without damaging your lock or door.

Most consumers associate locksmiths with helping them open locked cars when they forget their keys inside. However, they do much more than that!

Keyless Entry Systems

Most consumers know that locksmiths are the people who help them get their keys back when they leave them in the car. But, that’s only one of the many valuable services these professionals provide.

For example, landlords can install keyless deadbolts for their rental properties. This will save them money when tenants vacate, as they do not have to pay for the installation of new locks. Instead, all that’s needed is a quick code reset.

Families can also use keyless systems to prevent children from locking themselves inside the car. People can program their locks to lock and unlock with the push of a button, and they can even activate an alarm. These systems usually come with a remote control and a key fob for added convenience.

Immobilizer Systems

Today’s vehicles have an immobilizer system that prevents the car from starting if the key is not in the correct position. Locksmiths can reprogram this system to allow for the creation of a new key or to fix a malfunctioning one.

An Automotive Locksmith DC can replace locks on a vehicle, including door locks, trunk locks, and ignition locks. They can also create a spare key or make duplicate keys for existing ones. They can also reprogram electronic key fobs to work with the immobilizer system.

If you have a lost key, an automotive locksmith can reprogram the EEPROM to remove the block on the key and then add the key code. This process is known as “reflashing” or EEPROM work. It works on a variety of makes and models.

Rekeying Vehicle Locks

While many consumers think of automotive locksmiths as professionals who help them open their car doors when they have left their keys inside, this is only one of the important duties that these experts perform. Rekeying is another service that can simplify your life by reducing the number of keys you need to keep track of and also prevents access to your car by individuals who may have possession of the old keys.

Rekeying involves a locksmith changing the internal configuration of your vehicle’s door and trunk locks so that only new keys will work with them. This service can be needed for a couple of reasons: when you lose your keys or when you install new locks. In most cases, the rekeying process will take less than an hour.

Laser Cut Keys

Laser cut keys (also known as sidewinder chips) are sturdier and thicker than traditional keys. They have slits tooled into both sides of the key, which allows them to be inserted into a lock from either direction. They also have a groove cut into one end.

They provide more security for your car as they are harder to duplicate than traditional keys. This is because they have a unique door key pattern, so if you were to give someone your spare, it would be difficult for them to start the car as there would be no way to connect it with the transponder chip in your vehicle.

They are more expensive than regular keys because they require a more advanced key cutting machine that is not as readily available as traditional key cutting machines. This is why only licensed locksmiths and auto dealerships are able to make laser keys.

High Security Keys

The patented key system makes it difficult for unauthorized duplicates to be made. In addition, it deters traditional lock picking, bumping and drilling. It also allows locksmiths to track who has keys and when they are used, which helps prevent loss or theft of a vehicle or its contents.

A hardened steel shackle resists cutting, prying and kicking and shear bar protects against drill attacks. The keyway features curved dents in the bit which work alongside the shear bar to make it impossible to pick or turn.

It is important for a locksmith to know when patents are nearing expiration as this can affect pricing and the longevity of the product. This is especially true for cylinders that can be used in both mortise and rim applications.